February Specials

Hello and Happy February! As you are most likely aware, February contains a very important date in Tarot Town … that’s right - February the 14th is Valentine’s Day. Since Medieval times, people in the Western world have been celebrating Valentine’s Day as a time to profess their feelings of love to their beloved. It is and has been historically a day of feasting, sharing, and revelry as well. I don’t know about you, but just seeing the beautiful pink and red heart decorations that come out near Valentine’s Day sets my heart aflutter!

I don’t think I ever received a Valentine card as a girl in grade school, nor have I ever received a serious marriage proposal; and these things never really bothered me, because I am a little bit unconventional … although in retrospect, it would have been nice to have received at least one Valentine card! And yet, here I am, having been with the same partner for 28 years now.

I was always fascinated by Love. All of the arts and crafts I did as a kid were about two people in love, sitting on a park bench together, holding hands; even my school notebooks had couples imagery on it. It was a little over the top (according to some people), but it was just an innocent expression of my desires, however unformulated they were.

Then I experienced years of adult dating. This could be considered turbulent at best. Seriously. I had fun, but not a lot of luck. Of course, I didn’t really know what I wanted, and it showed. Somehow, and frankly, because I was more focused upon giving than on receiving, I ended up with a wonderful life partner.

I feel that we often get what is really in our heart, even if it has been long-forgotten. Often in life, we can look back and say, ‘OMG, I always wanted this and somehow I got it without really trying.’ Many times, Life grants our deepest and most heartfelt wishes when we are not looking, but are busy doing something else.

How did you feel about relationships growing up? Were there things you specifically wanted or thought were magical and desirable? Where are you in relation to that now? How have you changed, if at all? What are your current relationship desires and goals? These are some of the things you might be thinking about as Valentine’s Day draws near and you ponder your love life - past, present and future.

If you feel you would like some guidance from a Relationship Reading, they are 20 percent off during the month of February. That’s right - a half-hour Relationship Reading is only $34 during the entire month of February. Just hit the button below to send me a message and we’ll set up a date and time.

And in the meantime, remember that Love comes in many forms, and is the glue that holds all of Life together.

xoxox Jewel / China

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